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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

"I have never been one of those people who loves the gym or looks forward to exercise. I will openly admit that I just don't have the self-discipline or self-motivation. Since training 5 times a week with Nicky I have loved training, the most important part of the whole experience is that it is fun and I look forward to every session, as no two sessions are the same. Since joining a programme with Nicky in April I have lost 6 stone, gained a level of fitness I never thought possible and have increased my self-confidence tenfold. I couldn't be more grateful for the time and effort Nicky has put into our sessions." Emily

In February 2020 Emily decided she needed to take control of her health and weight. Her youngest daughter was 8 months old and having successfully lost weight in the past but regaining it each time she knew a different approach was required and came to me to talk about exercise and diet and how she could make changes that would fit in with her work and family life and that she could stick to on a long term basis.


Emily started to follow a reduced calorie diet with some meal replacement shakes and also a healthy evening meal of protein and vegetables.

Emily reduced her carbohydrate intake as much as possible by cutting out bread / pasta / rice and potatoes. Evening meals took the form of grilled chicken or salmon and some boiled vegetables. She cut out alcohol and cut down on caffeine and dairy. After the first month of following this diet she had lost almost a stone in weight.


In April 2020 Emily started training 5-6 times a week with me over Zoom doing a 30 minute HIIT session each day. JUST 30 MINUTES A DAY!


- Zero equipment required

- 30 minutes per day

- Adaptable to your level and easy to progress

- Full body workout

It was key that the sessions were quick and effective as Emily has two small children and sometimes works nights. Emily turned up every day to do the sessions - the scheduled zoom meeting held her accountable as she knew I was waiting for her and the intensity and fast pace of the session meant that it was hard to give up at any point.

We increased the difficulty of the sessions over time and whilst new exercises were often introduced, by repeating certain key exercises such as walk outs Emily could feel the improvement in this exercise and this helped her to identify and feel pride in her progress.

It went from being her least favourite to one of her top 5 HIIT exercises!


We all know that we need to stick with something to get the benefit - it is hard to stick with something you don't enjoy or that you feel isn't sustainable.

FOOD: Emily adopted a diet that was adaptable and allowed her to still enjoy going out and eating with her family. She has learnt how to make healthier choices and has developed a much more positive attitude to food and eating. She has now stopped using the meal replacement shakes and is just following a healthy diet where nothing is forbidden but all choices are considered.

EXERCISE: The regular 30 minute HIIT sessions worked brilliantly for Emily - it is hard to find a reason you cant exercise for 30 minutes in your home. All you need is yourself and 30 minutes.


Emily is continuing to make mindful food choices and has started to run a few times a week as well as HIIT. She has lost 6 stone since February and continues on her journey. EMILY IS AMAZING! YOU CAN BE TOO!

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